Rules & Regulations

  • Nebraska Invitational, its organizers and hotel /conference center cannot be held liable for theft, loss, or injury by persons attending the Nebraska Invitational Dance Festival.
  • Organizers reserve the right to merge /cancel categories, dependent upon number of entries in category.
  • Both entrants (including professional) must be on package for session that entries are danced in order to receive discounted entry prices.
  • Bronze level is restricted to Bronze Syllabus. Silver level is restricted to Bronze & Silver Syllabus.
  • Newcomer is only open to students who have had less than 50 hours of lessons. Costumes not required.
  • Entrants may dance in three consecutive age categories; their own and two lower.
  • Amateur couples will need to compete in the age category of the youngest competitor.
  • Cancellation policy: 50% until May 15. No refunds after May 15, 2018.
  • Scholarships are open to all amateurs (pro-am or amateur couple). To qualify, competitor must dance same single dances as event. As this is a combined event, each competitor and professional may only dance in one scholarship per dance category.
  • Multi-dance events: each competitor and professional may only dance in one event per age category and dance category. Organizer reserves right to combine age categories based on number of entries.
  • Closed multi-dance is open to bronze & silver students and material only. A student may only dance in once multi-dance per dance category. Organizer reserves right to combine age categories based on number of entries.
  • Lifts and drops are allowed only in the Showcase events and Professional dance events.
  • Showcase entries shall not exceed 3 minutes, please.
  • Prize money for top teachers will be calculated accordingly: 1 pt each entry; for contested entries with more than 1 contestant: 3 pts for 1st place, 2 pts for 2nd place, 1 pt for 3rd place. Uncontested entries will be calculated at a different rate. Professionals whose scores are tied will be selected for prize $$ by the organizer and all decisions are final. Eligibility for 1st place - 150 entry minimum, 2nd place – 100 entry minimum, 3rd place – 75 entry minimum.
  • No competitor may harass or question a judge about his/her personal reasons for marking. Adjudication in each heat will be at the discretion of the individual judge. Decisions are final.
  • While on the competition premises, all persons shall conduct themselves in a civil, sportsmanlike manner at all times.
  • It is the competitor’s responsibility to be in attendance in advance in the ballroom at least 3 heats before their scheduled events.. We may start 30 minutes before your scheduled start time.
  • No entries will be accepted without a completely filled out entry form and signed waiver.
  • Video cameras are allowed in the ballroom – only with purchase of a video pass. Video passes will be on sale at the front desk ($10 per day). No flash photography. No videography of professional show.
  • Only Cash and Check accepted.
  • Entries received after deadline are subject to late fee at discretion of the organizers.
  • Entry and Payment Deadline April 29, 2018

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    Compete in Pro-Am and Amateur Rhythm, Latin, Smooth, Standard, and Country events along with showcases from Newcomer to Advanced.

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